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Software Engineering & DevOps

The PSG Team has a proven record of success in the federal space implementing complex IT solutions and data exchanges. We currently support the Energy Star Products program and built one of the first fully-automated, source code - > production DevOps toolchains for the federal 2012. We help create smart automation solutions that do not overburden organizations with costly upkeep and optimize cloud-hosting environments to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Our consultants can assist in the design and architecture of advanced custom solutions, as well as advise on automation strategies to best put continuous integration and continuous delivery technologies to work.


  • Java / C# / Node.js / Python 

  • SQL / MySQL / NoSQL / TSQL / GraphQL / Neo4j

  • Azure / AWS / Google

  • Terraform / CloudFormation / Azure Resource Manager

  • Jenkins

  • SonarCube

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