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Training & Workforce Development

SAFe Training

Comprehensive training in the Scaled Agile Framework, enabling better collaboration, alignment, and large-scale solution delivery.

Workforce Development

Focused on enhancing the skills, capabilities, and productivity of your employees, ensuring they are equipped to adapt to evolving business needs and contribute effectively to your organization's agile transformation journey.

Agile & Scrum Fundamentals

Introduction to core agile principles and the Scrum framework, providing a solid foundation for agile implementation.

AI for Agile Enterprises

Overview of AI technologies, their potential in driving agility, ethical considerations, and implementation challenges. 

The course includes:

- AI Concepts

- Identifying opportunities in for AI applications

- AI Ethics and Responsible AI in the Enterprise

- Building AI-Ready Teams

- Measuring the AI Impact

Customized Agile Training

 Tailored training programs addressing unique needs, including a combination of various agile frameworks and methodologies.

Lean-Agile for Non-software teams

Introduction to Lean-Agile concepts and practices specifically tailored for non-software teams, enabling improved efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability across various industries and functions.

Equip non-software teams with the skills and mindset to embrace and drive organizational change, ensuring a successful and sustainable Lean-Agile transformation.


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